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Alamo Placita is bordered by 6th Avenue to the North, Speer Boulevard to the South, Downing Street to the East, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the West.


Alamo Placita is named after Alamo Placita Park, which is located on the North side of Speer Boulevard between Ogden and Emerson streets.  In the 1860s, this neighborhood was little more than prairie land along Cherry Creek before farsighted investor Moses Hallett, an attorney, bought the land in 1864.  Among the first to invest in the development of the area was Robert W. Speer.

Alamo Placita Park (Little Place of the Cottonwoods) has often been called Denver’s most ideal and most beautiful park.  The name commemorates the many cottonwoods that grew naturally in the area, and a few of the old trees can still be found.

During the 1960s through the 1980s, the value of the neighborhood as a family-oriented environment close to the heart of the city was quietly rediscovered by young professionals and others.  Lawyers, doctors, teachers, and businesspeople were moving into Alamo Placita in greater numbers, joining trade craftsmen, clerks, salesmen, and others.   As the number of residents grew, the Alamo Placita Neighbors Association was formed to help preserve the area’s architectural integrity.

The environment was characterized by lower-scale dwellings with streetscapes that respected visually pleasing setbacks accommodating gardens, lawns, and sidewalks.


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